Women Will Complete a 9 Week Slow And Gradual Group Detox


The Women’s Wellness Program Addresses Health And Wellness Issues Facing Women Through Education, Training And Advocacy. The Program Is Two-Fold:

-  Education, Training & SupportTo Improve The Health And Nutrition Of Women And Families

-  Empowering Women To Advocate For And Take Control Of Their Health.

As Mothers And Primary Caregivers, The Health And Well-Being Of Women Determines The Health And Well Being Of Communities. During The 9 Week Program, The Women Will Receive The Supplies, Guidance And Support To Heal Themselves Using All Natural Ingredients And Techniques.  Together They Will Learn And Go Thru The Following:

  • Gentle Moringa Herbal Detox
  • Womb Education And Wellness

          - Anatomy Of The Womb

          - Aligning The Menstrual & Moon Cycle

          - Herbal Vaginal Steams

          - Self Abdominal And Womb Massages

          - Natural Womb care & Hygiene

  • Self Breast Exams
  • Diet and Nutrition 
  • Breathing Techniques For Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Emotional Healing, and Increases Awareness

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