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The word Agbeti (pronounced AHG-BEH-TEE) means Life Tree, or Tree of Life, in the Ewe language which is what is spoken in the Volta Region of Ghana, as well as in Togo and Benin.

AGBETI’s mission is to heal and empower the community using wholistic herbal treatments and education by providing information on the links between diet, life style and illness and dis-ease.

AGBETI NGO provides FREEwholistic health & educational workshops and services for villagers in the Volta Region. The purpose of the NGO is to reeducate and remind the local villagers of the natural resources readily available to them which grow freely in their back yards. These workshops include information on nutrition, environmental risks and detailed information on the root of major illnesses and dis-eases. Agbeti workshops have helped to restore the lives of many of the villagers who have attended the workshops. We also offer FREE treatment of skin infection, rashes and wounds.

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